Shine with the Moon

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Shine with the Moon. Ninth and Tenth Grade Class Project
L25 Shine with the Moon. Ninth and Tenth Grade Class Project. Sit at your new vintage bar and enjoy some Midnight Moon Moonshine. Accent your walls with an original painting plus a stunning metal print of the total eclipse. A “lunar silhouette” coffee table holds an antler-cradled moon lamp and an eclipse photo book. Tuck your collectable signed Ford Coupe (1940) of Jr. Johnson, famous bootlegger & Nascar driver, in the matching bench/storage unit.

Montana Original

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Montana Original; Sculpted glass plate.
L29 Montana Original; Sculpted glass plate. Paul Graham developed the art of sculpturing metal with stain glass in 1998 to create a one-of-a-kind sculpture. Delight in this work of art in your home where your enjoyment of this piece will reflect Mr. Graham’s goal “to decorate the lives of others.”

Smith River Cliffs

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"Smith River Cliffs"
Original Oil Painting by artist Josh Elliott

Stunning 11 x 14 oil painting by local artist Josh Elliott.  Valued at over $3,000, this live auction item will be sure to enhance the decor of any home!  High Roller eligible!

Faith, Hope and Love

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Faith, Hope and Love
Faith, Hope and Love (Fifth Grade Project) Spelling class was never so much fun! Fifth grade students wrote these words with their bodies and the original and memorable photograph was imposed on a metal sheet.