2018 Class Projects

Shine With The Moon – 9th/10th Grade Class Project

Noah’s Ark – Kindergarten Class

Hours of play with animals 2 x 2 – each animal hand-painted by St. Andrew’s Kindergarten Class.  Includes hand-made wooden ark, books, and games.  Then, snuggle up with a beautiful quilt featuring animals colored by each of the students.

Freedom on Wheels – 3rd Grade Class


There is nothing like the thrill of an off-road adventure when you are the driver.  Give your kids that experience with this battery-driven dune buggy.  After returning from their exploits, they can charge up at a station, which is built and painted, with the help of Mr. Dodge, by our 19 junior carpenters from the third grade class.


Faith, Hope and Love – 5th Grade Class

Spelling class was never so much fun! Fifth grade students wrote these words with their bodies and the original and memorable photograph was imposed on a metal sheet.

Montana Pride – 6th  & 7th Grade Classes

Show your Montana pride, while enhancing your home or office decor, with this vibrant piece of art produced by the 6th & 7th grade classes under the direction of renowned artist, Josh Elliot.


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